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Transmission/Converter Cooler

Drag racing today has more and more people using Torque converter driven transmissions in High Horsepower Applications, This creates a whole host of issues due to the enormous strain on the fluid driven system mainly due to exessive heat buildup in the converter.

The Promate Transmission Cooler is a clear remedy to the problems that exist and make racing with this combination as pain free as possible by prolonging the life of your transmission while improving performance!

Why Do I need a Cooler

More and more High Horsepower race cars are going to Converter driven transmissions, The Problem here is an enormous amount of heat buildup in the converter that cannot be removed under normal operation Leading to converter temparatures up to 600 degrees that can boil and burn the fluid left in the converter once the engine has stopped. This has a Profound negative effect on performance and absolutely kills parts in your transmission and worsens evey run.

How It Works

The Pyromate Racing, Transmission cooler once connected via Quick Connect purges and replaces the hot fluid by pumping cool fluid from the unit through the pump and converter into the Transmission  , It filters and cools the hot fluid that is returned to the Cooling unit drawn from the sump and lowers the temperature by 70-150 Degrees each pass so within 15 minutes you have reached ambient temperature cool enough to put your hand right on the converter!

Most other Coolers on the market do not cool the Converter, they cool only the fluid in the Transmission!


The benefits of Cooling Transmission Fluid between runs are extremely Advantageous,

  • Increased Performance

  • Less breakdowns

  • Extends the life to your Clutches and internal parts

  • Keeps Transmission fluid like new

  • Works on any Converter Driven Transmission

  • No Ice or Water Needed

  • 12 Volt for versatility and safety, Unlike Non UL approved 110 volt models on the Market, also gives you the option of running on 110 or 220 volts with aftermarket  power supply.



  • Self Contained Portable Unit

  • Closed System Maintains Fluid Level

  • 12 Volt Integral dual chamber, self priming Pump with Viton Seals and diaphram delivers 2 GPM, Designed specifically for pumping HOT ATF with 100% Duty Cycle.

  • 2- Super Cooling 16 pass  Radiators for optimum cooling efficiency

  • 2-Opposing High Volume Fans

  • Filter unit with Replaceable Cartridge

  • 8' Braided hoses with Heavy Duty Quick Disconnect Fittings

  • Rugged Compact Design

  • Made in USA

  • Built to last

  • 2 Year Warranty


Cooler unit $1,995.00  


 Parts kit for powerglide and valve body conversion $229.00 with cooler purchase only, not sold separately.






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